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Becoming a supplier within the federal healthcare procurement system isn't just an option open to big corporations.  Small and medium-sized supply & service companies can compete equally for this business if they know how to manuver within that system.

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We specialize in assisting and positioning healthcare companies to sell their products and services to the federal government...
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Founder Leonard Nall, has more than 25 years experience in the government medical sales business. Our Ask-A-Professional section provides you with direct access to ask him quesions about the industry and learn more from other inquiries posted for viewing.

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Side-by-Side In the Field

From our perspective, it isn't enough to just send in a one-time hit-and-run trainer to your office, or dump a written sales outline on your desk.  We play the sales-game all the way through as true partners in the field.

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It's critical that you have a well designed sales plan and strategy both internally and externally to sell your products/services to customers such as VA Hospitals, Army, Navy, Air Force and other Federal Healthcare Agencies. Obtaining a government contract may be the first huge step in growing your business to the government sector that you need assistance with.  Or, you may already have a vehicle like the GSA Contract and want to maximize its potential.  Government Accounts Sales & Services Inc. provides practical, real-world government sales guidance and support for our clients who sell to the federal medical market.  We work with your management team to design a strategy, train your sales teams, and then accompany them into the field to win new government business.

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We develop a government growth strategy for your enterprise.

We develop product strategies and distribution networks to correctly align products and/services with government account market needs.

We get you the appropriate government contract vehicles and maximize their potential.

We train your sales teams to sell to the VA Hospitals, Army, Navy, Air Force Medical Centers and all federal health agencies.

We go with your sales teams, manufacturer reps and distributor reps out into the field to close the sale.

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