Defining Your Strategy

Before winning on the Government ‘Field of Play,” your sales efforts must be complimented with basic market research targeted on the government customer.  Also needed is a simplified and streamlined go-to-market strategy, and a sales training package uniquely designed for your company’s product or services.  Having these three tools will assure that your time spent is targeted accurately in the pursuit of potentially difficult–to-acquire but highly profitable government opportunities.

An Example of Our Approach is:

  • We discuss with you your business development objectives and conduct a needs analysis using a team approach that includes the CEO, managers & appropriate team members to determine next steps.
  • We analyze your current state vs. your desired state as it relates to selling to the Government Market.
  • We outline a market analysis specifically for your products that includes detailed information about the competitive landscape and entrance challenges your company may encounter in this marketplace.
  • We define a strategic approach targeting government opportunities for the in-house/internal team member(s) and for the external/field sales teams.
  • We deliver a sales training package which is then presented to the appropriate sales team, distributors, manufacturer’s reps and strategic sales partners.

and Your Sales Approach

The next critical step in selling to the federal government medical community is knowing where the business is.  Opportunities may present themselves electronically through standardized systems and channels. However most big growth opportunities are identified and acquired before they ever get to the solicitation process. These sales opportunities are found in the field with customers. Sales professionals must be well trained to understand the seemingly murky procurement process which includes who to call on, what to say and how your product or service is purchased by the different federal government agencies.

  • We teach in-house team members how to identify opportunities such as pre-solicitations, RFI, RFQ, RFP and BPA’s.
  • We provide simplified training on the GSA Advantage system.  This is the federal government's online shopping and ordering system.
  • We provide training on GSA e-Buy, which is a powerful tool that is used by GSA Schedule contractors interested in receiving information on federal buyer's needs.  Buyers utilize the system to make best value determinations. Contractors receive instant notification of sales opportunities and buyer requests that are specific to their contract capabilities.
  • Your sales approach is based on your products or services. We will determine who the stakeholders and influencers are in the sales cycle. Who actually makes the purchasing decisions and how your product is best distributed to the end user. This is often complicated due to multiple committees, federal purchasing agencies and government acquisition requirements. We will guide you through these issues so your sales teams can target the correct customers, maximize sales time and increase your winning percentage.
  • Some potentially large government opportunities are hidden with contractors, architect firms & sub-contractors. We will assist you by putting in place ways to identify such opportunities, and help you cultivate relationships with possible teaming partners, prime contractors or sub-contractors.

Executing Your
New Strategy

Unlike many government training programs, classes & consulting firms who perform hit-and-run workshops with standardized programs, ours are in-depth and company-specific. 

  • Our training and mentoring is both classroom and field-based. Once members of your sales teams understand the government marketplace mechanics and how they are weaved through government contracts, they are then ready to take classroom learning into the field to sell to government customers.
  • We provide direct partnership in-the-field by accompanying your representatives on appointments to assist in closing more sales
  • Our in-the-field activities may include taking the lead in negotiating with potential teaming partners, strategic partners, prime or sub-contractors that may sell your product thru alternative contractual agreements they have with the federal government.
  • We also will assist you in creating a circular communication platform company-wide so that you can measure the benefits, track opportunities and record sales wins in addition to identifying customer needs. 
Our Approach
Define Your Strategy

Identify Opportunities & Sales Approach

Execute the Strategy

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